Interview with The Butt Bible’s creator Pauline Nordin

When ExerciseTV contacted me to receive a copy of their new workout The Butt Bible I was ecstatic. My butt has always been the one part of my body that I have almost always been unhappy with, I never had a small perky behind it has always been on the bigger side with extra flab. You can check out my blog tomorrow for a full review of The Butt Bible and a special giveaway.

Today The Butt Bible becomes available for purchase on ExerciseTV. You can purchase a 3 DVD set for 24.99 (definitely worth it). Premium subscribers to ExerciseTV will be able to stream the video workouts at no extra cost 24/7 and if you have ExerciseTV on Demand through your cable or satellite provider you will be able to get the workouts starting today!!!

Today I have an interview with the creator of The Butt Bible Pauline Nordin. I’d like to thank Pauline for creating an awesome workout geared towards reshaping the buttocks and I’d also like to thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions about her new workout program.

What is your background in health and fitness?
Pauline: I was 17 and happened to see the cover of a fitness magazine at the newsstand. I was blown away by the fitness model’s body and decided I wanted that too. My background for my professional fitness life is: Swedish national champ in physique competitions, IFBB fitness professional athlete, personal trainer, fitness journalist, TV-personality in the Scandinavian Biggest Loser, Spokesmodel for Better Bodies Inc, AST sports science,, international top fitness model, cover model for several magazines, founder of the diet concept FIGHTER DIET and an ExerciseTV trainer and creator of The Butt Bible.

What inspired you to create The Butt Bible with the Commandments?
Pauline: There is a great need for serious training advise that really DO tone up your butt. I was fed up with the sissy routines out there and I wanted to show the world MY way of getting a super awesome body. You see, when the butt is in shape the rest is in shape because it takes a lot of hard work to get that body part in shape and the right moves done the right way creates a fat burning body.

I see a few of your commandments refer to healthy eating, most people think they can work out and forget about their diet and still see results. How much do you feel diet impacts the results someone will see when using this program?
Pauline: I feel it’s so important that if you don’t take care of your diet you can just as well stop working out IF you want to not only FEEL good but LOOK good too. You sculpt your body with training, then the food you serve can either put a fat insulation filter on top of it (aka body fat) OR you can let the muscles show through and give you sexy definition. Your choice!

I personally have a saggy bottom and cellulite, by following this program do feel cellulite can be eliminated?
Pauline: Cellulite appears like cottage cheese because the fat in the cells are getting crammed. The best way to kill these fat cells is by making the skin wrap around the muscles tighter. How do you do that? You strengthen the muscle because it will make the skin look tighter. Add a healthy diet so you burn that extra fat off, and you’re on your way to smoother legs!

Do you feel this program requires any supplemental exercises like extra cardio (running, biking, etc.) or can this program produce results independently?
Pauline: Yes, I recommend adding 2-3 cardio workouts in addition. It does not have to be long at all: 20 min super intense is a lot better than 60 min walking!

Any extra tips for my readers in regards to shaping the Butt of their dreams?
Pauline: Yes, do the butt squeeze when you’ve got nothing to do waiting in the grocery checkout, at the bank or in commercial breaks. This will train your mind-muscle connection so your butt gets the signal you want it to shape up!!

Thanks again Pauline for a great interview with some great tips for my readers!!!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my full review and giveaway!!!




Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of the Butt Bible for my review.  I received no other compensation and was under no obligation to review this workout is I chose not to.  All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.

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  1. Nataley Swan says

    Best workout! Tried it over the weekend and I am so sore! I haven’t been this sore in years. Love it!

  2. Samara says

    I started this 2 weeks ago and oh my gosh! It whips your butt into shape! It’s hard, definitely not a wussy yoga program. I do see results already, which is hard to believe, I have been biking too, about 4 times a week pulling the buggy with the kids in it. Since my butt is already looking slightly more sculpted than before I started, I can’t wait to see what it will look like in 6 weeks!!! Thanks Pauline!!

  3. Patti Hatfield says

    I had been working out with Jillian Michaels for over 6 months with no results. I started using the butt bible 3 weeks ago, and WOW, Pauline makes you work, sweat (I am wrining wet when finished), hurt and laugh. Thanks Pauline!!!

  4. Brittney says

    I tried the butt bible workout yesterday. It was a great workout! Pauline really makes you work hard but she also keeps it fun. I cant wait to continue with her workouts to see the results. Thanks Pauline your the best!

  5. Sandra Tucker says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ,Pauline I love the workout bible. I am a Latina and with this comes the big butt, fat was stopping into that area and it was getting bigger by the second. I started working out on TV but now I own my own DVD to take any place I go. My Latina butt is big nice firm and round. My arms are tone and firm too. God bless you Paulin you are amazing.

  6. Erica Janel Riley says

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the butt bible. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my body since I started this workout not just my butt. Its Great. You can actually feel the results pretty quickly. Pauline is a great motivator as far as keeping you wanting to workout just to hear her say “Crack the nut at the top” LOL>

  7. Selvina says

    Hello to all:)))
    I start do butt bible about month and it’s great, it is really burn fat and I also try eat less.
    I had butt bible on demand, but they removed it, so I’m gonna get a dvd :)) Paulina is great trainer I love her workout system, thank you so much for creating this workout and let us women be always in shape:))))

  8. jaminjimmy12 says

    How often do I use this workout. I completed both upper and lower last night after receiving it through the mail. My question is how often should I work out to this once or twice a week? Then when do I move on to the next one? Thanks, jaminjimmy12

  9. jaminjimmy12 says

    Thanks, a few times a week. “That’s perfect!” So, when I feel it’s time to move on to the next? I just pick the next work out lined up? From what I feel I hear my peers say, on this link, “that the work outs get more intense?” Are they different levels or just different work outs?(or both) I felt that I assumed different levels? Or are they designed to progress in a way that I feel better for me? If so I wish to try the second one, here, in the afternoon tomarrow. Either way I’ll find out for sure. I’d like to see where these will take me physically? I feel I’m kinda a physically fit guy already. Although, I did enjoy the feel of my body today at work. Good Stuff. – jaminjimmy12…

  10. Kim says

    Level 1 for 2 weeks. Level 2 for 2 weeks and the. Level 3 for 2 weeks.

    I think I’d stick with level 1 to maintain after the 6 weeks. It’s very hard

    But no pain no gain right? Pauline is awesome!!!!!!