Training Recap, Goals Revisited and a Nuun Review and Giveaway

Sorry for such a late post today but I was preoccupied yesterday with football!!!  I am happy that after a super stressful game the Giants prevailed!!!!  Indianapolis here we come!!!



After injuring myself the first week into training for the NYC Half-Marathon I really had to think about revisiting my goals for this race and figure out what I really wanted to accomplish.  I am still going to aim to achieve a 1:45 Half-Marathon but I have decided to push that goal until May where I will run the Long Island Half-Marathon which is flat and fast, an ideal race to achieve a PR.  This one change to my plan will allow for me to ease into training a little more cautiously and use the NYC Half as a training run.  I will continue to work with Adam to get me to my ultimate goal of a 1:45 Half-Marathon…..injury free!

Here is last week’s training recap:


The top was my planned and the bottom is what I actually did.  I only ended up running 2x last week because although my right shin and ITB were feeling great after stretching and foam rolling, on the other hand my left shin just kept hurting so I knew it was either rest it completely or risk developing a stress fracture.  After  a few days of rest, ice, compression, foam rolling and stretching I am happy to announce I am 100% better and ready dying to run.

Here is this week’s plan:



I want to start fresh so I am going to consider this to be week 1 of training toward my goal of a 1:45 Half-Marathon.  My first run will be tomorrow and the weather is looking great so I will be running outside!!!!  For the first time in my life I am nervous about running, I am so scared I am going to injure myself so I will be taking every precaution to prevent it.  Compression, foam rolling and stretching are going to be my weapons in this battle, along with a good training plan from Adam.  I will also listen to my body and make sure to relay this information to Adam so he can adjust my plan accordingly.  Communication is the key, namely my communication to Adam since he can’t read my mind.  I will achieve my goal and I will do it injury free……I hope.

My training is going to consist of many runs and an item that I have fallen in love with to help me stay hydrated and replace lost electrolytes is NUUN tablets.   I first tried NUUN at the Virginia Beach 1/2 Marathon race expo and it has been my favorite drink to keep hydrated during training ever since.   With less than 8 calories a serving these tabs don’t break the calorie bank like some sports drinks and they are sugar free!!!!    I am not usually a fan of the flavor and aftertaste associated with sugar-free products but NUUN has a fantastic flavor with no nasty aftertaste.  I have yet to find a flavor of NUUN that I dislike, my favorite being lemon/lime.


NUUN has kindly provided my with a 4pk of tablets and I NUUN water bottle as a prize for participating in my virtual run, so if you have not tried their product you still have time to participate in my virtual run and enter the giveaway for a chance to win.  Sign up and enter here.

You can also check out NUUN on their website, Facebook and Twitter.  So stop on by and check out their fantastic product!!!

Disclosure:  I purchased my NUUN with my own money.  NUUN provided my with the prize pack for the giveaway.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. says

    OMG. I know EXACTLY what you are saying about being scared you are going to re-injure yourself. I had to take about 6 weeks off from running 2 years ago. The first week of running after the time off was torture. I was worried about every step I took and was waiting for the pain to return (it never did!). But every twinge or ache I immediately thought it had returned!

    I hope you feel good today when you run!!


    • Toni Church says

      Thanks Michele, first run went greg but yes every twinge made me a little nervous! GO GIANTS!!!

  2. says

    I understand that mental state of returning to running post-injury quite well! I hope a few good runs and you are feeling more confident.

    Ok, confession time–I am the only person on the planet who is not a Nuun fan! I just don’t like fizz in my drinks!