What’s In My Gym Bag? featuring Laura from Wife, Mother, ATHLETE

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This week's "What's In My Gym Bag?" post features Laura from Wife, Mother, ATHLETE.  Laura is an amazing athlete and a fellow FitFluential Ambassador that shares her inspiring journey on her blog.  You can also find Laura on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!!!    What's In My Gym Bag?  What's in my gym bag. Well, my gym bag usually gets a fairly good workout, but lately we are only hitting the gym once or twice a week.... and not 5 times a week as we do during tri season. Why? Am See MORE ->

I Need Structure!

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A life of leisure without structure is not for me.....when I have an unstructured week I pretty much turn into a vegetable.  I actually accomplish more when I am working than when I am off for extended periods of time, structure suits me.   I did workout.  I did not stick to my diet plan.  I did not work on my blog.  I did not complete all my household chores. The "did nots" won.  I would love to say I accomplished everything that needed to be done while I was off all week but instead I See MORE ->

Friday Favorites with a Tommie Copper Review

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Where does the week go??  Normally I would be thrilled to see Friday but not when I'm on vacation because that means the vacation is coming to an end :(  Three more days and it is back to work.  In all actuality going back to work is not necessarily such a bad thing considering it is actually easier for me to stay on track with healthy eating when I am working than when I am off.  This week hasn't been too bad but with my husband off we have been indulging in restaurant food more than usual, See MORE ->

What’s In My Gym Bag Featuring Emily from Family and Life in Las Vegas

This week I am the featured blogger for Running, Loving, and Living's "What's in My Gym Bag?" series! Thank you Toni for sharing my gym bag! This is a super fun series of posts she is doing! I hope you will check it out! As a mom, my gym bag often doubles as my "toddler bag". I can't just carry things in it for me, I have to add in things my toddler might need as well for our daily outings to the YMCA. 1. I usually carry my Go GaGa as my gym bag. Originally, I used it as my diaper bag! I See MORE ->

Love Rekindled plus a Winner


It case you didn't know it, I LOVE running!! What I have forgotten recently is how much I love rollerblading too!  Yesterday I became antsy about not being able to run and not getting that cardio "high" I get from running so I decided to head outdoors to rollerblade.  This winter has been unusually warm and free from snow, making it perfect conditions for rollerblading!  Rollerblading is the closest I can get to running without all the impact that stresses my shin as long I as I don't fall, See MORE ->

Slow and Steady


Last week I started from scratch.  After injuring my left shin I decided to approach fitness like a newbie, which is harder than it looks because I am not a newbie, far from it.  Starting a program that is geared towards beginners is difficult because I want to do more than the prescribed plan but I am trying to heal an injury so I am mostly sticking to the plan.  I am dying to run or do any exercise that will get my hear pumping the same way but I have about 4 weeks more of non-impact exercises See MORE ->

Friday Favorites: Whole Grains!! Plus a Giveaway!!


I am a complete carb addict!  Give me bread and I will devour it, just ask my husband.  I have yet to meet a carb I truly dislike, it is my diet downfall.  With that being said I try to eat whole grains in favor of "white" carbs because they are healthier, they keep me full longer and I don't feel as guilty when I do indulge although keeping it to one serving is best!! I actually do love whole grain products and mostly prefer them over "white" or non-whole grain products.  Although every once See MORE ->

What’s In My Gym Bag? featuring Rebekah from Bex Life

This week's "What's In My Gym Bag?" post features Rebekah from Bex Life!!  Bex is a fellow FitFluential Ambassador and a YouTube sensation!!!  Her awesome YouTube channel has over 24,000 subscribers and almost 5,000,000 views!!!  Bex was nice enough to give us an exclusive peek into her gym bag so be sure to check out her video below!     Bio: Rebekah “Bex” Borucki is a mother-of-four, a fitness and yoga instructor, and an urban farming hobbyist raising backyard chickens See MORE ->

I Am Hosting #Fitblog Tonight!!!!


I am very excited to be hosting my first Twitter chat tonight!!!  I know it is Valentine's Day but if you are around at 9PM EST stop by #Fitblog for a fantastic chat about the "Trials and Tribulations of Training". Everyone is welcome!!!!  It begins tonight at 9PM EST and you can sign in here: http://chats.fitblogchats.com/live.  Hope to see you tonight!!!! See MORE ->

A New Week With A New Focus


As many of you already know I am pretty much out of the running "game" or just about any activity that has any jumping or pounding in it for the next 6 weeks.  I have chosen to use this opportunity to focus on other areas of fitness like weight training and nutrition, I have slacked in these areas lately and it is showing.....not in a good way. I have chosen to follow a 4 week "diet" plan courtesy of Oxygen magazine, I was even able to print out a shopping list from their website for See MORE ->

Remembering Sherry Arnold


On January 7th, 2012 Sherry Arnold left her house in Sidney, Montana for an early morning run and never returned.   Although the details are sketchy news reports say 2 men kidnapped Sherry around 6:40 am only 10 minutes after she left her home and one of these men apparently confessed to her murder.  We had all hoped for Sherry's safe return to her family and discovering that would never happen is devastating, my heart goes out to her family and friends. Sherry's cousin Beth, from Shut Up See MORE ->

What Running Rule(s) Are You Guilty Of Breaking?


  This week's Team Tough Chik question is:  What running rule(s) are you guilty of breaking??? How appropriate to have this question pop up in our forum this week considering I am out of commission for 6 weeks with a probable stress fracture as a direct result of breaking many rules of running :( First off when I started training for the NYC 1/2 marathon in January I pretty much pushed myself too hard.  I increased both my speed and mileage too fast leading to terrible shin splints which See MORE ->