What’s In My Gym Bag? featuring Laura from Wife, Mother, ATHLETE

This week’s “What’s In My Gym Bag?” post features Laura from Wife, Mother, ATHLETE.  Laura is an amazing athlete and a fellow FitFluential Ambassador that shares her inspiring journey on her blog.  You can also find Laura on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!!! 


What’s In My Gym Bag? 

What’s in my gym bag. Well, my gym bag usually gets a fairly good workout, but lately we are only hitting the gym once or twice a week…. and not 5 times a week as we do during tri season. Why? Am I being a lazy piece of you know what? Nope.. I’m too busy outside.. in this fantabulous ‘seems like spring, but it’s really winter’ weather that we are having in CT. Why am I outside instead of spinning and lifting and swimming inside? Thanks for asking!

I’m running and running and running all Forest Gump style! The Rev3 Staff is RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA … and I’m joining in on the fun! You might wonder why we would do such a thing. Who wants to spend 21 days in a van/RV with 10 to 16 of their maybe not so closest (read we just met TODAY and we are in a van together) friends?

Ulman Cancer Fund runs an awesome Patient Navigation Program for young adult cancer patients (18-40 years old) and survivors-both remote and on-site. All services are FREE of charge and open to family members and loved ones. Funding for this program needs to be replaced and we set out to do just that. This means we have commited to raising $100,000 for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

But the bag still gets a mini workout… we hit the gym at least once a week when I teach Cycling every Tuesday morning at New Milford Sports Club in New Milford, CT

I use – of course – my Rev3 Tyr swim bag. It’s huge inside!

 Inside the bag today was the following:
  • Cycling shoes (inside a little drawstring SRAM bag)
  • Cycling play lists (in a plastic bag so they don’t get ruined from sweat)
  • All my TriSwim products – TriSwim, TriGlide (ok, think that’s in there from my last race in, um, SEPT), Foggle (because I NORMALLY am swimming regularly)
  • Not one, but TWO swim caps.. because you never know when one will blow out
  • Again, not one, but TWO pair of goggles. I had a malfunction once and now I carry two with me.
  • An old mint tin filled with band aids and neosporin (I’m a mom I can’t help myself)
  • Random Tank Top (I’d been looking for that thing – I expected I’d find some wayward socks, but nope.)
  • Trusty Rev3 visor is usually clipped to the outside drying from my last treadmill run when it was crappy out.
  • Headphones
  • my flip flops for a post sweatfest shower
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • lotion

Not included in the bag, but always added the night before my gym voyage: My iPod, my change of clothes and ‘street’ shoes (wear the gym clothes and shoes to the gym), a post workout snack and 32 oz Nalgene bottle… I kill that thing during a 1 hour cycling class.

I try to keep it simple! I’m well trained after years of using up almost my MAX time at the gym daycare and leaving myself only 10 mins to shower and change…. lickety split!


Thanks Laura for sharing your gym bag with us!!!

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