“Finding Balance” #FHBC12 Twitter Chat 4/26 @ 9pm EST plus Week 7 #BestBodyBootcamp Recap

How do you find balance in this crazy world??

Finding balance can be difficult to say the least especially while working, blogging and managing a family or school.  Eating healthy and fitness tend to be the first things that get cut from our daily activities when we become overwhelmed so finding a way to balance it all is the key.

Finding a way to exercise has never been a problem for me but balancing it with everything else is a struggle…..every single day.  I had a much easier time balancing everything when I only worked weekends but since Abby (3) started school in September and I went track to work full-time (M-F 8-4) I have struggled with balance.  I work all day then come home, cook dinner, spend time with the family and exercise but I do feel guilty about taking time for myself to exercise and blog after working all day.  What I do know is that when I take the time for myself I am not only happier but I am a better mother, wife and person in general.

Confession time:  I have put on 15 pounds since starting back to work full-time this past September :(  It hurts to even write that number but sadly it is true.  The culprit I believe is the added stress plus less time overall for exercise and healthy meals.  Convenience plays a factor too because when I don’t plan my lunches ahead of time it is just easier to stop at a deli or bagel store and pick up lunch.  Too many lunches from convenient places has equalled weight gain and that has to stop immediately.

Finding balance is the key to combatting this problem and losing the excess weight I have collected over the past 8 months.

What is the key to finding balance:  a good plan!  Saturday night or Sunday morning I plan my meals for the week and create a shopping list of everything I need for those meals.  On Sunday afternoon I prep as much food as I can like cutting veggies, grilling chicken, cooking brown rice and whatever else I can do in advance.  I also plan out my weekly exercise to make sure I not only fit in my exercise but I also vary my workouts because when racing season starts I tend to run and neglect all other exercise which is not very balanced.  I complain about not having enough time but when I plan appropriately I actually have more time to spend with the family and for myself.

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  This is a great quote when it comes to creating balance in your life because with all the activities we have going on it is hard to balance it all without a good plan.

On Thursday 4/26 at 9pm EST join me in continuing this conversation on finding balance at the #FHBC12 twitter chat.  I will be joined by @fitnessbloggers and @dailyfeats for what will be an informative and motivating chat on how to find balance between health, fitness and life.  I am also teaming up with Daily Feats to kick off a great 30 day challenge about “Finding Balance” starting on 4/26, details to come on Thursday.

Check out the official post announcing the Twitter chat here on the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference site.

I hope to see you all there!!!

Now on to my week 7 Best Body Bootcamp  recap:

Considering we were away for 3 days I am happy with all my workouts!  I only ended up doing workout A and B of the Best Body Bootcamp because after the treadwall and rock climbing at the Rocking Horse Ranch my arms and legs were too sore to complete workout C.  I would have liked to squeeze in some more yoga but the time just slipped away.

I can’t believe this is the last week of the Best Body Bootcamp!!!  Eight weeks has gone by in a flash but I am happy it is coming to an end because with racing season here I find it difficult to stick to a set weight training plan while putting in the miles necessary to run some good races.  I am considering just running and doing yoga……what do you think???

Do we actually need weight training or can running and yoga suffice as a balanced workout regimen?

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  1. says

    Atta girl! I personally did nothing but yoga for three years straight – I was super in shape (no need for weight training there!), but I was definitely lacking the cardio. But, I know fellow yoga teachers who feel that weight training is imperative to their being able to break through plateaus when it comes to their yoga practice!

    • Toni Church says

      I’ve been getting mixed opinions but I may just try running and yoga and see….

  2. says

    Great post. It is definitely hard to find balance sometimes. I think weight training is important for me since I don’t do yoga. I guess it depends on what you want your body to look like:)

  3. says

    Personally I ran my best when I did all three. I slowed significantly when I took weight training out of the mix. How about making one of your run days a plyometric interval day where you strength train between run intervals? Intense but effective.

  4. says

    I hope to join you on Thurs–would be a great discussion. It will all come down to whether or not my eyes are still open (balance!).

    I do think weight training is important, as much as I loathe it!

    • Toni Church says

      Thanks, hope you can make it. I know weight training is important but I figured yoga would be just as good……we will see, I ma test out the theory!

  5. says

    Planning is huge for me to have any sort of success in balancing life while achieving goals. I have no doubt you will achieve yours. :)

    And I get that strength training is tough with racing. There have been many weeks during marathon training that I didn’t fit it in as much as I would like. I would still say try to shoot for one full body day a week that focuses on core, stability, and other functional strength though.
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