I’m In, I’m In, I’m In!!!!! #INGNYCMarathon

marathon 2012 Im In, Im In, Im In!!!!!  #INGNYCMarathon


im in finish Im In, Im In, Im In!!!!!  #INGNYCMarathon

I am excited to say the least!!!  This is the year of the marathon and I always wanted my first marathon to be the NYC marathon so when I found out that my “guaranteed entry” was not guaranteed because NYRR couldn’t find my 2008 entry I was upset icon sad Im In, Im In, Im In!!!!!  #INGNYCMarathon  I always said my firs would be NYC but I also said 2012 would be the year I would run my first marathon, I mean if the world is going to end in December I at least want to run one marathon before it does so I resigned myself to the fact the NYC may not be my first.

I entered the lottery with the hopes of getting in but I ket my expectations low because I have entered this lottery 7 times over the last 12 years and have never gotten in so I just expected the worst until I saw this:

marathon acceptance 2012 Im In, Im In, Im In!!!!!  #INGNYCMarathonWhat?!?!  No way!??!  I was accepted!!!!!  It was meant to be!!!!  NYC here I come!!!

I was out to dinner with Chris when I found out and I was so excited and he was excited for me but our conversation actually went something like this:

  • Chris:  You know you have to run 26.2 miles?
  • Me:  Yes, I can do it!!!  I have run 13.1 so I just double that!!!
  • Chris:  It is 26.2 miles, I am not sure you should be this excited.
  • Me:  I can do it!!!!

I can do this!!!  My goal time has always been 4 hours but at this point I just want to finish!!!  Let the training begin!!!!!!!!

What race are you excited about doing his year??






ToniSignature Im In, Im In, Im In!!!!!  #INGNYCMarathon
pixel Im In, Im In, Im In!!!!!  #INGNYCMarathon

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  1. says

    Congratulations! Persistence and perseverance pays off! :-)

    My twin and I didn’t get in – which was good because we’re going to run the Chicago Marathon together on October 7 and then I’ll run the Philadelphia Marathon by myself on November 18! :-)
    @TwinSistersRun recently posted..REDEFINE POSSIBLEMy Profile

  2. Candy Olivares says

    Congrats on gettin in!! Can’t wait to read about ur training. I recently ran my first half marathon. The Iron Girl half in Clearwater, Fl. It was tough but I’m so glad I finished. Hoping to do even better on my next one. Gotta decide which one to do next.. :)
    Candy Olivares recently posted..Where Do I Find Sweepstakes?? Part 1My Profile

    • Toni Church says

      Thanks!!!! This is like my 10th the trying to get in via the lottery so I think I was due!!!