I’m In, I’m In, I’m In!!!!! #INGNYCMarathon


I am excited to say the least!!!  This is the year of the marathon and I always wanted my first marathon to be the NYC marathon so when I found out that my “guaranteed entry” was not guaranteed because NYRR couldn’t find my 2008 entry I was upset :(  I always said my firs would be NYC but I also said 2012 would be the year I would run my first marathon, I mean if the world is going to end in December I at least want to run one marathon before it does so I resigned myself to the fact the NYC may not be my first.

I entered the lottery with the hopes of getting in but I ket my expectations low because I have entered this lottery 7 times over the last 12 years and have never gotten in so I just expected the worst until I saw this:

What?!?!  No way!??!  I was accepted!!!!!  It was meant to be!!!!  NYC here I come!!!

I was out to dinner with Chris when I found out and I was so excited and he was excited for me but our conversation actually went something like this:

  • Chris:  You know you have to run 26.2 miles?
  • Me:  Yes, I can do it!!!  I have run 13.1 so I just double that!!!
  • Chris:  It is 26.2 miles, I am not sure you should be this excited.
  • Me:  I can do it!!!!

I can do this!!!  My goal time has always been 4 hours but at this point I just want to finish!!!  Let the training begin!!!!!!!!

What race are you excited about doing his year??






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    • Toni Church says

      Thanks, yeah I think as as runners we sometimes forget that running 26.2 miles is not normal!!

  1. says

    Congratulations! Persistence and perseverance pays off! :-)

    My twin and I didn’t get in – which was good because we’re going to run the Chicago Marathon together on October 7 and then I’ll run the Philadelphia Marathon by myself on November 18! :-)
    @TwinSistersRun recently posted..REDEFINE POSSIBLEMy Profile

    • Toni Church says

      Thanks so much!!! Good luck on the Nike half!!! Yes the second time will be better!!!

  2. Candy Olivares says

    Congrats on gettin in!! Can’t wait to read about ur training. I recently ran my first half marathon. The Iron Girl half in Clearwater, Fl. It was tough but I’m so glad I finished. Hoping to do even better on my next one. Gotta decide which one to do next.. :)
    Candy Olivares recently posted..Where Do I Find Sweepstakes?? Part 1My Profile

    • Toni Church says

      Thanks!!!! This is like my 10th the trying to get in via the lottery so I think I was due!!!