Who Am I???

I have had a crazy, stressful week filled with a lot of personal issues I won't bore you with at this time. Unfortunately, because I had so much to do fitting in running and crossfit was difficult. Yesterday I actually had no time for anything at all, so today I NEEDED to run or do crossfit.

I had a 7 mile tempo run on the schedule, but I hadn't been to crossfit for almost two weeks and the workout today looked great and included running. Now the old me would have chosen running without a second thought, but the new me actually contemplated the benefits of each workout and I ended up choosing crossfit.

What???? I chose crossfit over running! Who am I?

I will tell you that if this crossfit workout didn't have some running involved in the workout, I would have just run instead, but since running was included, crossfit was the clear winner.

I finished this workout in 18:45 and it is exactly what I needed! My stress just melted away and I felt fantastic after I was done! For the most part running is a solo sport, at least for me it is. I run alone 95% of the time and for the most part that is fine with me, but sometimes I enjoy the company and camaraderie of other people, which is one big reason I enjoy crossfit so much.
My crossfit, CrossFit Invasion, is just plain amazing! I can't say enough good things about everyone at that gym, especially Adam, who gives each and every one of us his all at every single workout! The support is incredible, so choosing a crossfit workout that includes running is almost always going to trump just running by myself.
Running will always n
I am definitely addicted to crossfit! Running will always be my first love, but crossfit is most definitely a close number two!!!
If you had to choose between just running and crossfit, which would you choose?


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    Hi.. you know, if you want to improve your running you have to add another passion.. get those muscles shocking so your running doesnt go stag.. been there, done that.. and keep trying to do. Do what you love, and never stop growing. Cross fit is definitely on my bucket list. When I can afford it, bucket list. LOL. Take care.