Why I Run with PRO Compression

Disclosure:  I received calf sleeves for review at no charge, I have purchased many PRO Compression socks with my own my money too.  All opinions are 100% my own and are from my own experiences with PRO Compression.

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I have been a fan of PRO Compression for many years, it was actually one of the first compression socks I bought and loved!  I wear PRO compression while I am running, when I am at work (I am a nurse), and even when I am resting.  I love all the colors and options to select from, you can have a different pair of socks or calf sleeves for every outfit you own.  They even have a Sock of the Month, where they featurenew sock designs every month with a discount!  Just make sure you are signed up for their email list to receive their special offers.

I have PRO Compression socks/sleeves in pink, lime green, yellow, black and green/grey runchat socks.  These are by far the best compression socks/sleeves I have worn.  They fit perfectly and fall just below my knee, whereas other compression socks I have tried usually go over my knee and I have to fold them over to get the fit I need.  The compression is perfect and they are one of the only brands that feature true graduated compression.

How does true graduated compression work and what are the benefits?

“Graduated compression stockings (GCS) support and stimulate that calf muscle pump, increasing venous return and reducing leg edema” (#1).  With increased venous return there is an improvement in cardiac output which can result in better athletic performance.  In addition, GCS may also reduce muscular vibrations triggered by the impact of the feet hitting the ground, thereby resulting in less muscular damage (#1).  As far as recovery goes, GCS can help reduce inflammation resulting in less muscle soreness and damage.

Many studies have been done on GCS and most are inconclusive as to their actual benefits versus their perceived benefits by the athletes that utilized them during their training.  My personal experience with PRO Compression has been positive, both for during activity and recovery.

The many benefits I have seen since using PRO Compressions are increased muscular endurance, less leg fatigue, less leg soreness and a faster recovery.  I wear them during most of my runs and the only complaint I have is getting them off, because once I am sweaty, they don’t want to budge.  I usually enlist the help of my husband or another unsuspecting family member in helping me pull them off after I run.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can get them off myself, but it is easier if someone else does it.

I also wear PRO compression during work and the day after my runs to aid recovery.  For me, it helps.  I do find it also helps to prevent my shin splints, now many running “experts” that I have dealt with say that it is not possible that they do that, but I find for me, they do.

Procompression Collage In addition, they are very stylish, as you can see from the picture above!

Want to try them for yourself?  Head on over to the PRO Compression website, place an order and use the code “PINK” for 40% off your entire purchase!

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Have you tried PRO Compression sock or sleeves?  What are your thoughts?





  1. Bovenschen, H., Booij, M., & van der Vleuten, C. M. (2013). Graduated compression stockings for runners: friend, foe, or fake?. Journal Of Athletic Training, (2), 226.
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    I love the Pro Compression socks and have used them since I started doing long distances. They really helped me during my first marathon and I plan to use them for my ultra training. I find that they help during and after the runs too. Sadly I have no one to help me get them off or on, but I am getting pretty good at it. 😉
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