New Challenges #SummerStrong #KFit6Challenge

Summer is coming and I want to look my best so I have decided to participate in a couple of challenge.  The first challenge I am participating in is the K-Fit 6 Challenge which actually started this past Monday.  I plan to recap my experience with the K-Fit 6 Challenge on a weekly basis.  I have completed all my starting measurements including pictures, weight, body fat and inches.  Let me tell you it was a rude awakening that I will sure with you during my first recap on See MORE ->

5 Tips To Increase Your Protein Intake Post Workout


Protein is an important nutrient that helps repair and rebuild muscles and tissues.  Many experts recommend taking in at least 10-20 grams of protein after a workout to help repair exercise induced muscle damage.  When I am regularly taking in protein 15-30 minutes after a workout or run I definitely recover better than when I don’t.  The problem is finding ways to get that 10-20 grams of protein in after a workout, which is not always easy.  I like to have items on hand that I can use to easily See MORE ->

Tips On How To Regain Your Motivation When It Dwindles


What you see on this blog and any on blog for that matter is not always the whole picture.  The best part about the blogosphere is that you share what you want to share and sometimes that paints a one sided picture.  I want to be more transparent. I try to share an equal amount of struggles and accomplishments on this blog because that is real.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see pictures of me running, loving and living-for lack of better terms.  I try to live a well rounded life See MORE ->

Healthy Gums Are Important For Overall Health #YourGumsMatter


I personally have the worst teeth ever.  I have a filling in every single molar and one dental implant, which I got at 23 when an old root canal went bad.  During my second pregnancy one of my teeth actually cracked when I was chewing a piece of gum, half it broke off and fell out of my mouth.  My gums aren’t much better. Now you may think I do not take care of my mouth but I do.  I go to the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning.  I brush my teeth 2-3 x a day.  I even floss See MORE ->

Happy Mother’s Day plus a @ForTwoFitness #Giveaway


As a mom of two I understand how important it is to feel comfortable and look stylish in your pregnant body, especially when working out!  For Two Fitness has designed high-performance athletic apparel that celebrates your pregnant body.  Their clothing is comfortable, stylish and functional, living up to the demands of any sweat session!  I am honored to be a part of this community and so excited to help share this amazing giveaway with all of you!!!! This year, we are celebrating See MORE ->

Why I love running races


I run.  I love to run.  For me and me alone.  I love the to solace.  I love the quiet.  I love being alone. I also love running races.  I love the preparation.  I love the anticipation.  I love the community.  I love the challenge.  I love PRs.  I love running my race and my race alone.  I love crossing the finish line, alone.  I love my accomplishment. Running is my solace.  It is my therapy.  It is the only time my mind shuts down.  It is the time I can work out my frustrations and See MORE ->

2015 Long Island 10K Recap


Way back in December I signed up for the Long Island Marathon.  I was coming off running the NYC marathon and really wanted to run another marathon, only faster.  What seemed like a good idea at the time turned into a nightmare.  In January I got the flu followed by a nasty stomach virus which initially set back my training, but it wasn’t the end all.  What I really struggled with was the cold and snow that resulted in long training runs on the treadmill.  After many missed runs and just feeling See MORE ->

When a run just plain sucks plus a running giveaway


Happy Friday all! I am getting back to my blogging roots and writing about things I want to write about and share with you!  I have felt so pressured (by myself) to write for this blog that it just got to be too much so I took a break.  Now that I am done with school and back to running I am feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the things I love which includes this blog. This week I started running again and it feels great to get back to it! Sunday I ran 3 miles and though it was See MORE ->

When a run feels amazing


Happy Monday!! Yes, I said happy Monday. I want my week to start out good so I am trying to be more positive about Mondays!!! Running is my thing. I was completely inactive as a child, with the exception of walking everywhere, until found running. Not running is probably one of the worst things that can happen to me both physically and mentally. Taking off a month due to a shoulder injury as pretty much killed me, but now I am back and hopefully for good!!! Yesterday I ran 3 miles with See MORE ->

Friday Favorites 4/24/15


Happy Friday all!!!  I am definitely getting my mojo back!!  I am just about finished with school, I can start running again this week, my shoulder is getting better and the weather is finally perking up!!!!!  I am feeling good!!!!  I am also slowly coming out of my blogging rut and after I a much needed break I am ready to dive back in starting with a Friday Favorites! Here are some things I am loving this week: The Runner’s Choice:  Trusted Health Products sent me a free bottle of their See MORE ->

What I have been up to lately


I haven’t been blogging too much lately and that is just because I have been juggling a new work schedule and I have just been plain busy.  I am in my last few weeks of school to get my Bachelor’s degree and have a big project due this week so much of my focus has been on that which honestly leaves little time and motivation to blog.  After writing post for my class the last thing I want to do is write more.  I have also been working a lot of days and although I love it, I find See MORE ->

Weekend Fun plus a 40th Celebration


I actually have a few years before I turn 40, but this weekend we celebrated the fact that my husband reached this milestone.  Basically the entire weekend after I worked Saturday morning was a celebration.  We started with a great dinner on Saturday with my in-laws followed by a night at the bar followed by a Sunday BBQ.  My biggest challenge for Chris’s birthday was finding him a present.  What do you get someone who has it all???  I ended up getting two things See MORE ->