Happy Thanksgiving ’14


I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!  I am thankful for my family and friends!!  I am also thankful for this blog and all my fantastic readers and blog friends that I have made over the past few years!!! What are you thankful for this year? Technorati Tags: Thanksgiving,Holidays See MORE ->

One and Done? I Think Not.


I am going to run one marathon, just one, and it is going to be NYC.  I trained for the NYC Marathon through the summer and fall.  I told everyone I knew I would never do this again.  All my runner friends kept telling me I would just wait, you will want to run another.  I kept saying no, this is it, one and done. Well, guess what?  One and done??  I think not. During my training for the New York City Marathon I said I was never going to train for a marathon ever again.  It's tedious, See MORE ->

2014 NYC Marathon Recap #TCSNYCMarathon


It has been a little over two weeks since the marathon and I am struggling to put my experience into words.  This experience was truly amazing from start to finish.  From the runners to the crowds to the views.  It was amazing.  Here is my recap: The journey begins with a bus ride to Staten Island: This is it!!! I made it!!! The start of the marathon!  Cold, super windy and amazing! The Verrazano Bridge was rough.  I couldn’t run in a straight line because the wind was literally See MORE ->

NYC Marathon Expo #TCSNYCMarathon


My day started with the Timex ONE Relay in Central Park.  I spent a much larger portion of the day than I expected at the relay so I didn’t get to the expo until about 2:30 which left me with only about an hour before I had to leave to catch my train home from Penn station. This sight actually made me tear up, I had to hold them back the entire time I was at the expo.  The emotions that I have attached to this race just came bubbling to the surface and I was overwhelmed with happiness that I See MORE ->

Timex #ONERelay Recap


Last Thursday I had the opportunity to participate in Timex Sports ONE Relay to raise money for the ASPCA.  This was such an amazing experience from start to finish and was an awesome way to kick off my NYC Marathon weekend. My day began on the LIRR on train bound for Penn Station.  Once I arrived I decided to walk the 20 plus blocks to Columbus Circle to meet the Times Sports ONE Relay team.  I was one of five people running this portion of the leg which would take place in Central Park.    See MORE ->

I DID IT!!! #TCSNYCMarathon


I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!!  This was one of the hardest and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life!  I will have a full recap of the events later this week!   Technorati Tags: NYC Marathon See MORE ->

NYC Marathon Morning


When you read this I will probably be on a bus to Staten Island getting ready to run my first marathon!  I am excited an nervous beyond belief, but I trained for this and know no matter what I will finish! The weather is expected to be cold and windy, like really windy, like 30-40mph winds facing us for about 80% of the race.  It is not until the last 4 or 5 miles would should have some relief, on the bright side the wind should push us all right to the finish line.  You never know what you See MORE ->

Timex ONE Relay


I am so excited to be participating in the last leg of the Timex One Relay tomorrow!   “The Timex ONE Relay is an 800-mile, 22-day journey featuring more than 100 runners and spanning the distance between two of the most iconic marathons in the world, Chicago and New York. The ONE Relay is a fully interactive event, all powered by the Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+. Timex will be making a charitable donation of $100 per mile, spread across a number of causes chosen by the individuals who are See MORE ->

Freaky 5K 2014 Recap


Who signed me up for an 8am race the morning after I have to work until 12:30 am??  Oh wait, that was me.  Racing is addictive and this particular race helps support a local charity called the John Theissan’s Children Foundation, so of course I had to sign up.  I didn’t just sign me up I also signed up my husband Chris and my 6 year old Abby (for the 1/4 mile fun run).  I even recruited my 17 year old Angelica to watch Abby while Chris and I ran the 5K.  If I have to See MORE ->

Hydration Tips plus a Poland Spring Cheers


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by NWNA on behalf of Poland Spring. Marathon training is no joke and staying adequately hydrated is one of the most important aspects of the training.  Before I started training for the marathon I would basically drink when I was thirsty, which amounted to about half the amount I fluid I should have been drinking on a daily basis.  I quickly discovered that this strategy just wouldn’t cut it when I started training for the marathon because it See MORE ->

Fitblog NYC 2014


First I want to send a big thanks to Fitness Magazine for hosting this amazing event!!  I would also like to thank all the awesome sponsors for all the goodies I received for attending, especially Eddie Bauer, Balance Bar, Dermalogica, Luna, Pure Protein, Tria, Tonalin, Hoka One One and Oster Versa! I started the day on a train to the city and look what I found while waiting for my train to arrive: It is definitely feeling real now!!!  I met Brianna from BriannaRoseBranding.com at See MORE ->

What I Learned From Running 20 Miles


Tuesday I ran my last long training run for the NYC Marathon and my longest run ever.  I would love to say that it was 20 miles of pure bliss, but that would be a lie.  During a 20 mile solo training run there is a lot of time to think and here is what I learned during that time: 20 miles is really far just in case you were questioning that fact.  I think because I mostly drive everywhere I take for granted how far twenty miles actually is, but no more.  Below is a map view See MORE ->