Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, NYC Marathon Edition Week 16


The first week of marathon training is complete!!!  My training starts with week 16 and counts down to week 1, which I love, because I thinking counting down makes everything more exciting!  The week had some highs and lows, but overall it was awesome!  I actually was away Wednesday through Saturday, which made training hard, but I an proud to say I stuck to the program.  Here are my workouts: Monday 7/14/14: Workout: At home CrossFit, 200 squats for time: 7:29; Steps: See MORE ->

Live in the present


Hey all!  I am back from vacation, feeling relaxed and better than ever!  I had not internet while away, except for my cell phone, so my contact online was limited, which was actually fantastic.  It was nice to take a break from it all.  I just wanted to pop in, say hello and leave you with a quote on one of the beautiful pics of the LBI sunset I took!  See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap Up 7/7/14-7/13/14


Well, I was back at CrossFit this week and felt great!  I avoided any pull-ups, subbing ring rows instead, as my left arm still was bothering me a bit.  Tomorrow starts my 16-week marathon training program for the NYC Marathon!!!  I am so excited and cannot wait to run!!  My workout weeks are going to start to get pretty intense and I am excited to get into the best shape of my life for this race! Here are my workouts from last week: Monday 7/7/14: Workout: Crossfit; Steps: 14218; See MORE ->

Easy Compression with ACE Brand


Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by ACE™ Brand, all opinions are 100% my own. Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, whether you run and do crossfit like me, injuries happen. For the most part I find that they happen because I haven’t listened to my body.  Either I do too much, push to hard or I just continue to workout without regard to how my body is feeling.  I have learned from the past and I try hard to listen to my body, unfortunately sometimes injuries still happen. I have See MORE ->

Creating a Goal for the NYC Marathon


Marathon training starts on Monday!!! I am so excited and so nervous to start this journey.  16 weeks from Sunday I will be running 26.2 miles for the first time! My original plan was to not have any goals at all, but in order to follow my training plan from Run Less, Run Faster, I need a time goal to figure out my paces for the training runs. Now, although I am creating a time goal to base my training paces on, I am keeping my expectations of actually achieving that goal to a See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap Up 6/30/14-7/6/14


  This week was a rest week.  After an intense crossfit workout last Saturday, followed by the Firecracker 5K, I was basically knocked out.  Monday I could barely pick my left arm up because it was so sore and I just felt like crap.  I actually ended up calling in sick to work Tuesday and Wednesday because I was so sick, so I figured I would rest up and start fresh after the holiday.  Here is the rundown from last week: Monday 6/3014:  Workout: none; Steps: 13225; See MORE ->

Firecracker 5K 2014 Recap


I have run the Firecracker 5K Lift ‘n’ Run many times over the years!  Usually, it is unbearably hot and humid as it starts at 5pm, but this year it wasn’t as bad.  This year I ran the race with a bunch of my friends at CrossFit Invasion.  They were actually looking for a race to run and I suggested this one, it is a Lift ‘n’ Run afterall!  I personally did not lift this year because I would never have been able to lift 75% of my body weight, but I am hoping next year I will See MORE ->

Why I love Probiotics including ProbioSlim


Disclosure: I received compensation from ProbioSlim as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own.  This post consists of my own experience with probiotics, you should always consult your doctor before trying any new supplement. I take probiotics every single day.  It is one supplement I know that helps me feel my best, especially where my stomach is concerned.  When it comes to food I pretty much eat what I want, whenever I want.  I love food, See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap Up 6/13/14-6/29/14


Wow!  The week has flown by and June is basically over, where does the time go?!?! July 14th starts marathon training and I will post my training plan sometime next week.  I am still loving Crossfit and actually just signed up for July!!  Everyone at Crossfit Invasion is just so awesome, especially Adam and Sean, that I just had too!!!  I also love Mark and Jordan, who are both trainers there as well!!! July is looking pretty busy, between school, crossfit, and marathon See MORE ->

June Favorites 2014


Disclosure:  POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. PowerIce provided me with samples of their item.  Weight Gurus provided me with a scale.  The opinions I have shared about the items are 100% my own and only my favorite items make it into my Favorites post. I cannot believe that June is almost over already!  Where does the time go?!?!  Time is the one commodity, as much as we try, we cannot get more of!  The older I get, the faster the See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap Up 6/16/14-6/22/14


As I try to get back on a scheduled blogging regimen, I am restarting my Weekly Workout Wrap Up.  I have been doing crossfit for a few weeks and marathon training starts up July 14, so instead of randomly posting about my training, I figure I will give you a weekly recap or wrap up as I call it.  I am doing all my planning in my Erin Condren Life planner (referral link), which I am totally in love with, so my weeks will run from Monday through Sunday.  In addition to my training, I will be See MORE ->