August Training Recap #TeamASICSNYCM


My weekly training recaps when out the window when I moved in August and I plan to restart them for September, but for now I will give you a recap of August which includes weeks 5-8 (Aug. 3-30) of my New York City Marathon training.  This month has been rough as you know if you have been keeping up on my posts and I have endearingly named this training cycle “What Doesn’t Kill Me Will Make Me Stronger”. Week 5: Monday 8/3/15: Rest Tuesday 8/4/13: Total body strength See MORE ->

I am running the NYC Marathon with #TeamASICSNYCM


  I cannot not tell you how long I have been waiting to make this announcement, almost 2 months.  You already know I have been training for a fall marathon, but I have been elusive as to which marathon it would be, well the cat is out of the bag, I am running the New York City Marathon with Team ASICS.  ASICS invited me to be part of the NYC Marathon team with these other amazing bloggers: The Ginger Runner Sharp Endurance Runner Unleashed Moms Little Running See MORE ->

Running in Florida is Hard


We are finally settling into Florida life and our new apartment.  I am loving the sun, the heat, the beautiful sunsets, the wildlife (you can check out all my viewings on instagram) and being off from work for a few weeks.  I will take some nice pics of my new apartment and furniture and share them with you soon.    The hardest part about living in Florida is adjusting to the running.  The air is different down here.  Despite the humidity levels not really See MORE ->

What I’ll Miss About Summer Running-Guest Post featuring @iamrunningthis


Hey all!!!  I am still alive and kicking!!!!!  I made it to Florida and am finally settling in to my new apartment and new life!!!!  I am loving the heat and that I will never miss summer running again because it is always warm here!!!  Today I have a guest post by Kelly Caiazzo of for all my friends out there that will miss summer running because fall is quickly creeping up!!!! What I’ll Miss About Summer Running Guest post by Kelly Caiazzo See MORE ->

My Top 3 Training Tips For Running A Half Marathon Plus A Giveaway For One Race Entry Into The Newport Liberty Half Marathon


Half marathons are my favorite distance to race.  Training is hard, but not too hard and the distance is long, but not too long.  I think it is the perfect race.  I ran my first half marathon in 2011, fell in love with the distance and have run 9 more since then.  My race times have ranged from 1:54:36 (PR) to 2:40:16.  I have hands on experience in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training for a half marathon.  [Tweet "Check out Toni's Top 3 Training See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Fall Marathon Training, Week 3


This week’s wrap-up is going to be short and sweet.  I am in the process of moving to Tampa Bay and I will have limited amount of time to blog for the next two weeks.  I will pop in here and there, but won’t be back to regular blogging until the week of August 24th.  You can follow all my moving adventures on Instagram! Here is how my week went: Monday 7/27/15:  Recovery Run, 2 miles; foam rolling; dynamic stretching. Tuesday 7/28/15:  Total body strength See MORE ->

3 Tips On When To Replace Your Running Shoes


How often do you replace your running shoes?  Me, I kind of go on feel and an estimation of mileage.  I basically switch out my running shoes when I think I have put a lot of mileage on them, they start to look worn or my legs start to get more fatigued than usual.  I don’t keep an actual log of the mileage I run in them, but that would be a better idea than just winging it.      A couple of months ago I attended a great event hosted by Shoebuy and had See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Fall Marathon Training, Week 2


This week was another great training week!  I did every single workout that Jess created for me!  The difference between training now and the training I did over the winter when I decided not to run the marathon is now my heart is in it.  During this past winter when I was coming off the high of running my first marathon I hired Jess to help me train for the Long Island Marathon.  This ended up being the worst training cycle of my life and when it comes down to it, my See MORE ->

Friday Favorites featuring @WorkoutBandsCom @SoleusRunning @Health_Warrior


Happy Friday all!!  I am having a great week and I hope you are too!  Marathon training is going great and I am really loving working with Jess as my coach.  I have some new favorite items that are helping me through my marathon training and I thought I would share them with you today! Soleus GPS Mini:  Soleus sent me this awesome running watch just in time for the start of marathon training. The Soleus GPS mini shows speed, distance, and pace. I love that you can See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Fall Marathon Training Week 1


So I will be running a marathon in the fall.  I will let you all know which one in a few weeks.  This was my first week of training with Jess and I think it went great!  I was actually away the latter half of the week, but managed to get all my training run in despite the late nights!  Usually when it comes to vacations I go in with the best intentions and end up doing a bunch of half-assed workouts.  This time I was determined to get in some quality training runs and See MORE ->

I Am Thankful I Can Run, Anytime, Anywhere #VSL3KnowTheDifference


I am thankful that I can run, anytime, anywhere.  This is something that I do not take for granted because I know from personal experience that not everyone has this liberty.  I am lucky enough to not suffer from chronic gastro issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or ulcerative colitis (UC), but my stomach is less than perfect.  I am prone to stomach viruses, food poisoning, and even just nerves affect my stomach.  Thankfully this is not any everyday occurrence and not See MORE ->

Running Is Hard Work

Running is hard work, but isn’t anything that is worthwhile achieving.  It was hard becoming a wife and mother.  It was hard going to school and becoming an RN at 28.  It was even harder going back to school at 34 to get my Bachelor’s degree, which I just got by the way.  It is going to be hard packing up my life and moving to Tampa.  Trying to BQ by 40 is going to be hard.  Life is hard.  All of these things are hard, but all of these things also bring a great See MORE ->