Here We Go Again, Negativity at it’s Worst


I feel like I am always recovering from something, this week it is the flu. I haven't run in two weeks and marathon training was supposed to start last week, but I am just going to forge forward without thinking about it too much. Jess, my coach, says not too worry because we are just at the beginning stages of training and since I have a good baseline taking the time off for the illness and recovery shouldn't impact my training too much. Unfortunately, my brain always thinks the See MORE ->

Say No to GMOs


Honestly, I never thought that much about GMOs until my husband recently started reading the research behind what GMOs are and how harmful they can be to our health.  It saddens me that our government allows these kind of products in our grocery stores without mandatory labeling thus leaving consumers unaware of the risks they are taking when purchasing products that they believe to be healthy. My focus this year is to rid my cabinets of any products that contain GMOs and to buy mostly See MORE ->

The Best Laid Plans

2015 isn’t going exactly as planned.  I take one step forward and two steps back.  I have been pretty much out of commission since last week.  First a kidney/bladder infection last week and now the flu, on my birthday.  Coincidentally, two years ago on my birthday weekend I also had the flu and a bladder infection, I mean how unlucky am I? All my plans are now put on hold.  Plans for marathon training which was supposed to officially begin this week-on hold.  Plans See MORE ->

New Year, New Goals


If we got real with ourselves we’d admit that New Year’s is really just another day.  What changes so dramatically between December 31st to January 1st that warrants so much commotion, a new number?!  I like the idea of creating goals and starting fresh, but I also like the idea of doing this on a regular basis regardless of a date or a change in the year.  Why wait until next year to start fresh, just start right now.  This is a concept I will be focusing on going forward. I hate the term See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Countdown to the LI Marathon, Week 18


This week started out on a high note with the best run I have had since the NYC Marathon, unfortunately, it ended on a low note with a tortuous run.  The reasons my runs progressively went downhill during this week was because I was sick.  I knew I had a UTI (urinary tract infection), but it felt better one day and then got worse the next, so I basically ignored it like any normal nurse would, until today.  Last night I was having lower back pain in addition to UTI symptoms, so I went to the See MORE ->



Goodbye 2014, hello 2015! I have some big goals I am looking to accomplish over the next few years and I plan on starting the course towards those goals in 2015.  I an ready to embark on my BQ by 40 goal and an eventual Ironman.  These are goals that many people tell me aren’t possible, but I know deep down inside if I truly commit to training that they are within my reach.  It won’t be easy, but what in life is? In addition to my training goals I plan to work on myself.  I have some See MORE ->

Year of Running 2014


  This year will go down in the history books as my best year of running yet!!!!  I will be linking up with Miss Zippy’s year of running post, so be sure to head on over to her site and check out all the great posts! Best race experience:  Ummmm, the New York City Marathon!!!  This marathon was a culmination of all my years running and it was a long time coming.  I had been trying to run NYC since I started running 19 years ago and actually got in the year of Sandy, but I pulled See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Countdown to the LI Marathon, Week 19


Not a great week, but not a terrible one either.  I mostly followed my plan, with the exception of my long run which I actually ended up doing today.  My strength workouts aren’t going great because I have a shoulder injury (I am starting PT on the 3rd) and my left knee acts up anytime I do lunges or one legged squats, so I won’t be doing those anymore.  Overall, considering it was Christmas week and I was working a lot, I did pretty good.   Monday 12/22/14:  See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Countdown to the LI Marathon, Week 20


Training is not always about perfection.  It is about sticking to a program and when you can’t, just doing what you can do that day.  This was my last week in school and I had a lot of schoolwork to finish, so as you can see below some of my planned training didn’t quite go as planned and that is okay.  I finished my classes and managed to get an A in all three!!!!  Despite some challenges, I am happy with how my week went, here is the recap: Monday 12/15/14:  Strength workout, lower body See MORE ->

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up, Countdown to the LI Marathon, Week 21


It is not quite winter, but some days are ice cold and I hate running in the cold.  Forty and above, I can tolerate.  Below that, it depends on the conditions.  Wind, snow, rain, ice, I hate them all, but am getting better.  Last week I ran in the snow and wind, and guess what, I survived.  Performing a dynamic warm-up has helped me adjust to the colder weather better than just going out and running.  No that it is a part of my routine, I don’t leave the house See MORE ->

One more week…..

These past few weeks I have been consumed with school.  I am an associates degree registered nurse who is going back to school for my Bachelor’s degree.  Somehow, I thought it was a good idea to take three classes this semester, which has proved to be difficult.  I am obtaining my degree online, which sounds simple, but it isn’t.  Every week there are discussion posts and papers due for each class.  It is all writing, I would prefer to take a test than write another See MORE ->